The motor vehicle described on your booking ("the vehicle") is left in the custody of Parking Port its servants and/or agents, solely at the risk of the customer leaving the vehicle. Parking Port its servants and agents, do not accept responsibility and will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever to the vehicle, its accessories, contents or any other property in, on or about the vehicle nor for the death of or injury to, any person.

These conditions shall apply at all times whilst the vehicle is parked or otherwise in the custody or control of Parking Port, its servants and agents. Notwithstanding any demand or request to the contrary, Parking Port its servants and agents may move, remove, drive the vehicle whilst left with Parking Port for the purpose of parking and/or service or cleaning or otherwise at the discretion of Parking Port as circumstances may necessitate.

Parking Port is expressly authorised by the customer to release the vehicle to any person presenting the customer's part of this ticket (or otherwise at the absolute discretion of Parking Port, its servants and agents) together with payment in full of Parking Port current charges. Parking Port shall have a general lien over and also retain all possessory rights and title to hand over the vehicle including its accessories and contents pending payment in full of all charges due to Parking Port . No variation of these conditions will bind Parking Port unless made in writing by Parking Port .


Parking Port reserve the right to cancel, not accept or refuse ANY booking made either in person, online or via the telephone at its discretion at anytime regardless of the status of any pre-booking, confirmed booking or current booking in its possession.

Parking Port reserve the right to make any changes to its pricing structure, quote process and/or rates at anytime without prior notice. The given price that is received via the way of a booking confirmation and/or email receipt ONLY confirms the given booking details and is no way confirmation from Parking Port of the booked price/ quote as this amount is an estimate of price/ quote and may be subject to change without notice either before, on, after or during any booking period.

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